The ATL Allergy Shot

Ginger, honey, lemon, and scotch… oh my! Need I say more about this cure-all panacea for the stuffy head chest and nose we are all suffering through.


  • 2 oz Tasty Islay Scotchy Scotch Scotch I like Laphroig (love to say that one)

  • 1 oz Fresh lemon juice

  • 1 oz Local (your hood, if possible) honey syrup*

  • 3-4 slices Peeled fresh ginger (peel it with a spoon, I like mine spicy so usually add more)

  • 3-5 dashes 18.21 Chamomile bitters (these ladies know tinctures and tonics @ Ponce City Market) 


  • 1 ea Lemon peel

  • 1 ea Candied ginger


Rocks Glass or Coupe


Using a wooden spoon or muddler, crush the fresh ginger in the bottom of a cocktail shaker until it is well mashed. Add that delicious Smoky Scotch, lemon juice, and honey syrup, and fill the shaker with ice. Shake until well chilled, about 20 seconds. Strain into an ice-filled rocks glass (you may wish to double-strain through a fine tea strainer to remove the small flecks of ginger), and this is great served on a big ice cube. OTR instead of OTP!

*Local Honey Syrup:

 When I say “local honey” I mean seriously — from the farmers market or local apiary like our friends at the Georgia Honey Farm . It's the only way we can say this “allergy shot” is gonna help. Well it helps in other ways. 

  • 1 cup   Local honey

  • 1 cup   boiling water  

Mix and cool keep covered — this will last up to one week. This syrup makes the honey easier to handle and quicker to mix in the drinks.